Running A Tren Cycle: What You Need To Know

Working out with Tren is great as it produces hard muscle within two to three weeks of use. Apart from the gain in lean muscle mass, it also seems to cut out fat considerably. Users have also reported a lean, ripped appearance after steady use of a Tren/Test cycle. If you are considering a Tren/Test cycle for the first time, that’s good but here are a few things you should know before you start.

1.Although Tren is supremely effective, you should know that it is much more potent than other hormones like Testosterone. As a result, most users recommend starting with a low dose of about 100mg and then increasing the dose on the second or third cycle to about 500mg. In fact, moderate doses of 350-500mg are ideal to gain muscle and get in to top shape. There are advanced users who are on doses of 600mg to 1000mg but these doses can be dangerous to the body.
2.First-timers are never recommended to start with Tren as it is an extremely potent kind of steroid. For a newbie, a testosterone cycle would be the best and the most effective. Furthermore Testosterone is the father of all other steroids. If you can safely tolerate Test, then you will be able to manage all other steroids as well.
3.Once you have completed two to three cycles, you can think about starting a Tren cycle. However, Tren is never taken by itself. It is always combined with Test to cause a better reaction. This combination also seems to replace the body’s natural supply of testosterone and prevents long-term adverse effects.
4.If you are injecting Tren, watch out for the famous Tren cough. The cough happens when you hit a vein and inject the oil-based or water-based material directly into blood. As the oil or solvent does not dissolve in blood, it is carried to the lungs to be hacked out. You may develop a hacking cough immediately and it dissipates just as quickly or a mild cough that lasts the entire day. However, the cough does dissipate and you will feel better.
5.PCT therapy with this is absolutely necessary as it seems to cause erectile dysfunction. Use Cabergoline or Pramiprexole to control these effects. Take Pramiprexole before bed at a dose of 3-4mg per day. However, you will feel drowsy and nauseous with both medications even though they are very effective in controlling gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction.
6.There are several different forms of Tren commonly used by bodybuilders. For example, the common types are Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate, and Trenbolone Hexadrobencyclcarbone. All three versions are quite good but Tren Ace is the most commonly used and the most effective.
7.You can run Tren at a higher dose than Test. This results in much better overall results. For example, you can run Tren at about 300mg per week and Test can be kept at a maintenance dose of 100mg per week.

Buy Pure

No matter what type of Tren/Test cycle you follow, remember to buy Trenbolone and Testosterone from a trusted source. As both Tren and Test are not sold for bodybuilding purposes, it becomes very difficult to find an authentic and trusted retailer. Even if you do find a good retailer, they usually require a prescription to give Trenbolone for sale. Some unscrupulous dealers make sure of this and sell fake Trenbolone pills or contaminated Trenbolone online. As a result, bodybuilders who have been fooled with fake products see no results when they are using the steroid. To prevent this from happening, always buy in small amounts and only from a trusted source.